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Capsule 🖤 writers of all kinds. That's why we built our publishing platform Blogchain with protections for free speech that you will not find on traditional social networks.

Blogchain is a new publishing platform, which means we are improving it all the time. Eventually, its features will include:

  • Transparent, community-based governance regarding issues such as moderation and takedowns.
  • Content is shown based on objective user preferences, not proprietary algorithms.
  • Open source software to run your own network node -- and set your own rules -- if you prefer.

We are committed to serving a diverse and high-quality group of creators on Blogchain, our new publishing platform. Journalists, authors, activists, artists, scientists, hobbyists, researchers, and more are all welcome.

Blogchain is built to empower you, not use you as grist to sell ads. In fact, all sorting of how content is displayed is done transparently and via open source code, and we do not sell ads — the original sin that has led to most of Big Tech's harms to writers, creators and society in general.

At the same time, we are well aware of writers' desire to connect with and grow an engaged audience. For this reason, we launched a private group dedicated to writers on Discord. Get direct support from our staff, request additional features and network with other writers.


In building Blogchain, our bedrock principle at Capsule is that decentralization — both in the technical sense and the economic one — is increasingly paramount for content creators. After all, the well-documented woes that writers and other creatives have recently suffered at the hands of Big Tech all boil down to one problem: the high degree of control that incumbent social platforms have as middlemen when people's information flows across their servers.

We believe the solution to that central problem is obvious: Go serverless.

In that spirit, we built our software using powerful decentralized technologies that will better enable you to do several key things as a writer or creator:


Blogchain's beautiful interface gives you a flexible, easy-to-use tool to manage your content. Meanwhile, under the hood, decentralized technologies like IPFS, OrbitDB, and the NEAR Protocol enable powerful functionality that you can't get on any other platform. With this level of decentralization, you truly own your own content.


Get paid by your audience using either cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether or traditional payments in fiat money. More freedom in payments translates into more sovereignty over your content and the chance to be part of the emerging pseudonymous economy. Other subscription-oriented content platforms do not let you do this.

Join Blogchain now and start getting paid for your writing.


Use your real name or a pseudonym. Unlike certain traditional social platforms, we understand the latter is sometimes a necessity for people who fear retaliation for the ideas they want to share. We're here to support you — and your right to free speech.

Our Founder and CEO Nadim Kobeissi recently talked at the NEARCon tech conference about how Capsule's platform is designed to remedy the free-speech issues that have recently beset Silicon Valley's social platforms. To continue the conversation, feel free to drop us a comment on Twitter about his presentation.


Decentralized technologies, serverless content hosting means your information won't be subject to takedowns by Big Tech or even repressive governments. This is because data becomes immutable once it gets written to a decentralized infrastructure, then stored across multiple nodes on a network. Even if one goes down, multiple others may still continue to serve your content to users.

Curious to learn more about the basics of decentralized technologies? We'll be doing a free (and writer-friendly) webinar on that topic soon. Sign up here to reserve a spot.


Capsule has a decentralized governance architecture in the works that will enable holders to make decisions about key aspects of our content ecosystem, including moderation based on smart contracts. We believe this will make Blogchain far more democratic than centralized social networks.

Join Capsule's public Discord channel to discuss with other users and Capsule team members how Blogchain is taking shape .