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Capsule Social is building a publishing platform that leverages decentralized technologies to offer an easy way for writers to share their stories, grow their audience, and get paid without compromising their integrity or being censored. We believe this is the right solution at a time when people urgently need fairer, more transparent ways to share information.

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We're aiming to launch our new publishing platform in January 2022. If you'd like to receive periodic updates on our progress, please subscribe to our email newsletter.

The future of publishing, made simple

Capsule's new publishing platform combines a simple, user-friendly interface with powerful decentralized functionality underneath that enables:
  • Censorship-resistant content hosting
  • Payments to creators for their work in either crypto or fiat money
  • Community governance
We think Capsule’s value will lie in its exceptional user experience, quality, performance, ease of use, and high-quality engineering that draws on advanced technologies without saddling bloat. Others may use the same technology, but I think we can do a good job on building something simple that just works and that is a pleasure to use.
— Capsule Social CEO & Founder Nadim Kobeissi, quoted in TechCrunch

A distributed team comes together

In October, our team gathered in Paris for the first time in person to talk about our work so far and plan for the future.

Our investors

Ravikant Capital
FYRFLY Venture Partners
Castle Island Ventures